ProVas offers exceptional mobile vascular nursing care to most of Florida and Indiana, using the latest evidence-based practices. We provide vascular access, blood draws, infusion, and cardiac education services. Whether in doctor’s offices, hospitals, nursing facilities or in-home. Our staff is composed of MD’s, Critical Care Nurses, EMTs, Paramedics, and CNA’s. We have several types of educational services available from Infusion/Placement of PIV’s, Midlines and PICC’s.
CPR from basic First Aid, BCLS for Healthcare Providers, ACLS and PALs.

ProVas Services & Advantages

IV Access

We will utilize all anti microbial and anti thrombotic products for any immune compromised patient. Also we specialize in spinal injury, hemophilia and other at-risk patients.

Advanced IV

We can place PICC lines with a precision Tip Placement system, eliminating the need for x-rays. We can do the first infusion after placement, utilizing our critical care staff.

Mobile Placement

We can place lines at the bedside. Whether in-home, a nursing facility, hospital or MD office. We will tailor our services to your patient's needs.

Provider Training

CPR/Basic Life Support, ECG, ACLS & PALS. We also have infusion nurse specialists for teaching & training your staff.

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